Are You Ready to Travel?

Deciding how, where and if to travel in the months and year ahead raises many questions for most who ponder the topic. Yet, recent research indicates that travelers are slowly beginning to make plans. If you are among those eager to tap into your wanderlust, here are five ideas to consider:

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1. Road Tripping  

Travelers are more likely to consider road trips now, compared to before the pandemic, according to recent research. In fact, some experts are calling this the “year of the car”, a time during which we will forego global galivanting and  “See America First”. 

 So with gas prices in the affordable range, consider exploring a National Scenic Byway, an historic route or your favorite road less traveled. Craft a leaf-peeping route and immerse your family in a burst of glorious color. For those interested in a full-service approach, consider the rolling stock offered by Blacksford. Pile into an amply-outfitted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter overland adventure vehicle for comfortable cruising. The all-inclusive pricing model includes unlimited miles, no generator fees, bedding, bath and kitchen supplies, free Wi-Fi, a free annual pass to national parks and 24-hour roadside assistance.



2. Opt Outside.

There is nothing like a heaping dose of the natural world to ease anxiety and to restore our spirits. In fact, 61 percent of U.S. travelers are more likely to consider an outdoor or nature trip now compared to before the pandemic. Spending time under the big sky is the perfect way to engage in healthy, active, socially-distanced activity. Consider planning your next adventure with hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, rafting, birdwatching or golf as the centerpiece. Many outfitters are happy to organize a private group trip making it possible to travel with only your selected group of friends or family members.

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3. A Different Way to Stay

Have you ever slept in a yurt? A tiny house? A glamping tent? Do you love to camp?  This is a great time to explore a new way of staying.  You can plan for plenty of privacy and it will be possible to keep appropriate distances. The idea of “camping” means different things to different people. From the ultra-high-end glamping experience you’ll savor at the luxurious  Paw’s Up ranch in Montana to pitching your own tent on public lands – it’s worth your time to explore the options up front. Then relax and enjoy the great outdoors. 

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4. Off The Beaten Path

Despite all of the disruption and restrictions this year, 76 percent of U.S. travelers continue to say that travel is important to them, even if they can't experience the world as they might have once planned. More travelers are seeking destinations where they can relax and revive without worry. Look for getaway opportunities in secondary cities and small towns. Consider a dude or guest ranch where wide open spaces are plentiful. Seek out a bungalow near an uncrowded beach or on a quiet lake where the rhythm of waves lapping will restore your spirit.  



5. Plan ahead for your trip of a lifetime. 

While waiting for your right time to travel, revel in the planning process! Half the fun of family travel is the anticipation. – knowing there is a great trip on the horizon! Tap into the wide range of virtual travel experiences available on the web. Plenty of destinations and resorts launched these visual treats in the early days of shelter-at-home mandates and their numbers have multiplied. You’ll find a bounty of engaging content from cruise companies, islands, resorts and outfitters as well as from chefs, spas, artisans and other creators – all designed to provide inspiration!

As you ponder the possibilities, you’ll realize that travel providers are eager to welcome you back. Companies want to replace your concern with confidence and thus many are offering worry-free bookings and tempting deals and packages.  Before you know it, you’ll be packing your bags!