Travels in Turks and Caicos

Written by  Piper Scherr
Have you ever dreamed of a place where the whole family could enjoy the vacation? A place where all generations can relax, play, or explore?

Well, such a place exists.

Fly into the Turks and Caicos islands and stay at the Beaches Resort. It is a wonderful place to spend family time. I went with my aunt and mother when I was twelve. Though many of the activities there are child friendly (such as the pools, water park, and snorkeling,) adults will have a great time as well.

We all had such a splendid vacation, and you will too! 

Here are some of the reasons it is a place for the whole family to enjoy:  

+ There are 21 great restaurants to dine at for free! (Well, not really free. It’s an all-inclusive resort so meals and many activities are included in the price!)That means no cooking for an entire family every night, parents! In the photo above, you can see that the chef at the Japanese restaurant even let me help out!  

+ Speaking of helping out, you can spend the morning at a nearby school and have the chance to meet some of the local kids and even read one of your favorite books to the class.  

+ You can go on a boat trip for a few hours and go snorkeling and swimming, and you get a tour of Iguana Island, viewing both female and male iguanas. 

+ There are huge swimming pools with swim up bars where you order a juice or smoothie. 

+ A snorkeling trail loops around some buoys just outside the property. There are amazing fish like parrot fish, all with vibrant colors.  

+ There are sailboats, kayaks and stand-up-paddle boards to try on your own or with family members. 

And we couldn't resist taking a spin on the giant, sea-faring bike.   

And, of course, the beach.


The sand is white and soft and the water is the most beautiful shade of turquoise imaginable. For those who have trouble swimming (like the youngsters) the water is salty and helps to keep you buoyant. It's a great place to learn to swim or practice your swimming skills. 

So don’t delay! Book your stay at Beaches today!

I’m glad we did! 

*    *   *

Piper Scherr is a contributor to She lives in Minturn, Co. with her brother, Duncan, her parents, and a dog named Bonnie. She enjoys life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains where she likes to ski, rock climb and read in her backyard treehouse. Sometimes she daydreams about future travel adventures and the 14 months she and her family spent living in and exploring Ecuador.


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