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There's nothing like a family getaway packed with fun, laughter, and experiences of a lifetime. It's always sad when these times come to an end, and you often times will find yourself wishing you could go back the following year and relive it. Fortunately, there is a way that you can vacation affordably with your family year after year when you purchase a timeshare! Timeshares allow you to travel annually for less, especially when you shop timeshares for-sale-by-owner. Reputable independent timeshare resale websites like VacationOwnership.com offer a wide inventory of timeshares advertised by private owners for thousands of dollars in savings. 

When you buy a timeshare, you aren't buying a physical property, but rather you are purchasing a slot of time at a resort. There are different timeshare ownership types you can choose from when shopping for a by-owner advertised timeshare. Consider all the options and determine what will work best for your family's needs.  

Marriott Vacation Club

The different vacation ownership types include: 

  • Fixed week - This is when you purchase a set week at a particular resort. For example, if you want to travel during a certain holiday or school vacation week annually, this allows you to own that slot of time for your vacation.
  • Floating week - Purchasing a floating week lets you buy during a specific season. Whether this "season" is determined by an actual yearly season or a color, you can reserve your vacation week anywhere within your season of ownership.
  • Points - Points-based timeshares have become more and more popular as many travelers crave flexibility. Utilize your annual allotted points like currency to determine when, where, and how long you wish to vacation.
  • Fractional ownership - Buying a fractional timeshare, you will actually own a piece of equity in the property. Not only that, but fractionals are usually sold at higher end resorts and allow you to visit the property multiple weeks during the year.

Disney Vacation Club

Why Choose Ownership? 

Timeshares are great for families for a variety of reasons, including: 

* The accommodations offered are large and homey. With a timeshare, you can enjoy a multi-bedroom suite equipped with a full kitchen, living room, dining area, multiple full bathrooms, TVs, and WiFi access.Timeshare resorts have an incredible number of on-site amenities and services to enhance the value of your vacation.

* Typical on-site features include swimming pools, restaurants, sports courts, fitness centers, scheduled activities, spa services, and more.

* Additionally, many families choose to buy timeshares at resorts closer to home, so they can enjoy all the benefits of resort living, without having to purchase plane tickets!Another perk to vacation ownership is the ability to exchange your timeshare week or weeks for a vacation elsewhere. This is done through vacation club internal exchange, or leading external exchange companies like RCI and Interval International. Both these companies feature thousands of affiliated timeshare resorts in destinations across the globe.

* The best part about owning a timeshare is the lifetime of memories you'll make with your family. For an extra special family experience, a Disney Vacation Club resale can give you access to the magic of the Disney parks and attractions while also providing plenty of special, family-friendly amenities on-site. 

Make the most of your family time together by considering a timeshare ownership. Visit VacationOwnership.com and browse their extensive inventory of by-owner timeshares located at great brand names such as Marriott, Hilton, Westgate, and more.

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