Tips For Summer Air Travel

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The family travel season is about to be in full swing.  

Parents everywhere are gearing up for road trips, summer camps, national park outings and air travel.

Dad and travel expert Jim Mazza, Chief Operating Officer for TRAVELSAVERS, a retail chain of more than 2,500 independently owned, full-service travel agencies, offered a few words of wisdom for those who plan to board a flight in the weeks and months ahead. 

Book an early flight

As a dad, Mazza knows small kids are at their best earlier in the day before exhaustion sets in for them (and their parents).  More than that, and important for travelers of every age, delays often build as the day goes on, particularly in the Northeast.  

Understand the fare you are booking. 

For many travelers, especially cost-conscious families, price matters.  It may seem like the right thing to book the least expensive fare that pops up, but these are often “branded fares” which come with tough restrictions including seat choice, leg room and baggage allowance.  

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