Road Trip Safety Tips

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Planning a family car trip? Put safety first and makes sure your vehicle is travel ready.

Here’s a list recommend items to check or have performed before hitting the road with the family on board:

1.  Check car tires (check tread and pressure to help improve gas mileage)

2.  Replace windshield wiper blades (summer heat and winter cold can make the blades brittle and ineffective in rainy weather)

3.  Fill washer fluid (it doesn’t hurt to keep an extra gallon of washer fluid in the trunk)

4.  Check engine coolant level (make sure the engine is cold before checking this one)

5.  Check oil level and change if needed.

These items can be easily checked in your garage or driveway in less than 15 minutes before starting your trip. You can also take your vehicle into your local auto dealer or repair shop for a more thorough car inspection by a certified technician. These quick tips can save time, money and the hassle of having your trip ruined by a simple auto repair that could have been prevented.

Check-ups and vehicle repairs are especially important when a long trip to unfamiliar territory is planned. Keeping your vehicle operating at its peak condition will also improve your fuel economy.

And if you do happen to hit the roads with a poorly maintained vehicle, the sunset may not be the only thing turning crimson out there.