Plant Seeds of Greatness

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Each year, the month of February is deemed “plant seeds of greatness month” in an effort to encourage Americans to examine their goals and aspirations and make changes where desired. 

Use this idea ( you don’t have to wait until February), to spark a conversation within your family. Then forge ahead. Learn a new skill, explore new territory or give back to your community. 

Consider these ideas:   

  1. 1.    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. But when it comes to eco-savvy travel, consider a cycling tour. Forget the trains, planes and automobiles and encourage the entire family to hop on a two-wheeled alternative. Sign on for trips offered by  Cycling through the Centuries and you’ll pedal through parts of Portugal, Spain and South Africa not accessible to travelers arriving by vehicle. Throughout the trip, everything is recycled. Meals and picnics consist of locally grown specialties. Contact: 
  2. 2.    Give back during a great adventure. Join pioneering adventure travel expert Dr. Antonia Neubauer for a trek through Nepal, the country she says, where adventure travel was born. Explore the cultures and festivals of the people and join in the efforts of READ Global. The award-winning program inspires rural prosperity by building a community library and resource center in a village then seeding a local business to fully sustain and support the library and provide local jobs. Contact: 800-670-6984;
  3. 3.    Find inspiration in a great hotel just steps from the grandest canyon. Completed in 1905 to accommodate tourists arriving to this wonder of the world, El Tovar provides a history-rich lodging experience just steps from the rim of the magnificent Grand Canyon. Every season offers a new opportunity to put your world in perspective by simply standing at the edge of this visual extravaganza. From your cozy, hunting lodge-style digs, set out for hiking, photographing, journaling and people watching. Contact: 888-29-PARKS (888-297-2757); 
  4. 4.    Become a golf great. Follow Kentucky’s Golf Trail and sharpen your skills on one of 19 courses operated by the Kentucky Department of Parks. The “Trail Card”, sold at all state park golf courses, provides unlimited green fees for cardholders. Check out the “Tees and ZZZs” packages, which include meals, lodging and more to craft a great family weekend.. Contact: 1-800-255-PARK (7275);
  5. 5.    Plant a seed. As a symbol of your new goals or commitments, visit a nearby botanical garden, join a local tree planting effort or launch a community garden in your own neighborhood. You’ll then have the pleasure of watching the greenery grow along with your own efforts. Contact: 214-515-6500;






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