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Tap Into History

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If you love history or theatre you will enjoy seeing important events in our nation’s past come to life.

It is also a great way to share stories of the past with the kids.

For example, the 49ers Encampment will soon get underway in Death Valley, CA. 

Guests will learn how visions of California gold-hued riches fueled the intrepid explorers who crossed the rugged terrain of Death Valley aboard wagon trains in 1849.  Modern day travelers can relax in comfort while learning about the hardships the early pioneers endured. Guests at the Inn at Furnace Creek and the Ranch at Furnace Creek can take part in the 64th Annual 49ers Encampment that will celebrate the historic trek with gold panning, a western art show, music , a “pampered pet” parade and the colorful arrival of a wagon train and riders on horseback.

Find out more about this event and other living history presentations.