Namibia: Matt Lauer and Me

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It’s true.

Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and the rest of the Today Show crew followed us to Namibia.

Within days of our return from a ten day trek through this Southern African nation, Matt and his band of merry travelers, revealed their location on Day One of the “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” series. Namibia.

If he had only thought to share his plans with us, we could have given the crew a heads up on how to manage cameras while climbing on the world’s largest sand dunes and to expect to encounter lions licking their chops after a tasty snack of fresh springbok.  ( see the Today Show blog )

It’s nice to know they shared a meal around the same table that we did and that they were equally thrilled to find the desert adapted elephants after bouncing through the dramatic landscape in the comfort of a seemingly indestructible Land Rover.

So television viewers ( and other interested travelers ) you too can visit this amazing country that is twice the size of California, yet with a population just over 2 million.

Know that conservation is intrinsic to the country's ethos. All 1,200 miles of its Atlantic coastline is government-protected. An emphasis on conservation is woven into the country's Constitution, and only in Namibia are endangered species being translocated from National Parks to communal conservancies, where wildlife is protected  to the benefit the local communities and travelers from around the world eager to visit this magical land.

Stay tuned for more about my Namibia experience.

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