Kayak Trips For Families

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See nature from a paddler’s point of view.

Here are five places for family kayakers to consider:

Cocoa Beach, FL. 

After the sun sets and the stars come out, you’ll light up the waters of the Indian River Lagoon with the sweep of a paddle.  As part of Florida Space Coast’s “after dark” adventure program, families can experience bioluminescent night kayaking tours.  Kids will learn how tiny bioluminescent plankton produces streaks of neon-green light when kayak paddles move through the water.  Nighttime turtle nesting and airboat rides are also available.

Contact: VisitSpaceCoast.com 

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Paddle through secluded inlets, while surrounded by the dramatic coastal mountains of this World Heritage site. Located 60 miles northwest of Juneau, the 3.28 million acre National Park offers visitors the chance to paddle near16 tidewater glaciers indepdendently or as part of full or half day guided tours. You will also learn about the effects of climate change and the swift retreat of the Grand Pacific Glacier.

Contact. 888-229-8687; www.VisitGlacierBay.com.

Baja, California, Mexico

For warm weather, warm water kayaking head to Mexico’s Baja peninsula often compared to the Galapagos for its diversity of sea life.  Snorkel with sea lions and dolphins, watch for the majestic Gray whales and be on the lookout for manta rays, sea turtles and blue-footed boobies. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy snorkeling, fishing, and visits to local villages.  Contact: http://www.oars.com/baja;

Acadia National Park.

Explore the rocky Maine coast, just as the Penobscot native people did centuries ago. The Maine Island Trail, comprised of 325 miles of waterway, includes abundant sea life, views of the scenic coastline and the opportunity to camp in protected coves.  Often considered a highlight, the trail passes through Acadia National Park.  Open and private guided tours enable family groups to sample or fully immerse themselves in the splendor of the area’s natural beauty and rich wildlife. Nighttime tours include the chance to see planets, a sea of stars and, at times, bioluminescence.

Contact: www.acadiaparkkayak.com; http://www.nps.gov/acad/index.htm

Isle of Palms, South Carolina. 

Explore the low country’s ecosystem by kayak as part of the Wild Dunes Resort family learning program. Led by a naturalist, you’ll wind through Morgan Creek before landing at your destination, a hammock island, home to a scenic swimming hole. Later take in a tennis match, a round of golf, a bike ride or a stroll on the beach.

Contact: WildDunes.com