A Family Fly Fishing Experience

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During a recent outing I was reminded why they call one of my favorite sports “fishing”.

And not “catching”.

It was a beautiful day in the Vail Valley and my son Alex and I headed out for a morning of “Walk and Wade” fly-fishing with a guide from Gore Creek Fly Fishermen.

Scott picked us up at The Arrabelle where we were enjoying a family weekend, and we made our way to a lovely stretch of the Eagle River.  After gearing up we headed into the water, eager for that first, satisfying tug on our line.  Despite our enthusiasm, hours went by with only a few tangled lines to show for our effort.

With Scott’s help, we identified the bugs in the air and traded out flies.

Still no luck.

Despite our lack of “success” it was a beautiful day and we were able to enjoy the cool breezes off the water, the graceful bends in the river and the soothing sound of the luminescent ripples over the rocks.

We practiced our patience and were prepared to depart the river, closed out for the first time in a while.

“Some days are just like that,” we acknowledged.

And then it happened.

First, Alex pulled in a beautiful brown.  With luck now clearly on our side, I landed a rainbow of my own.

Thankfully, the fishing gods had rewarded our patience. And appropriately reminded us that fly-fishing is a total experience. It is immersion into natural beauty. It requires focus and intention.  It’s instructive and meditative.

And while “catching” is desirable, it is only the most highly publicized perk in a diversified program.  

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