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World Tourism Day: Get Inspired

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World Tourism!

The importance of tourism, and the incredible rolling tourism dollar, has been recognized by the United Nations as an “official day” since the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) became a UN specialized agency in 2003.

The concept is an important one: "Tourism – Linking Cultures", highlighting the industry’s role in bringing the cultures of the world together and promoting global understanding through travel. 

Shouldn't every day be about supporting global understanding through tourism?

I’m all for that! 

Learn a little about Taiwan here.

Learn about Costa Rica here.

Learn about Ecuador here.

Learn about Canada here.

Learn about Palau here.

Get inspired here. 


These adorable young men were there to meet us when we landed in our small plane in the Sepik River region

of Papua New Guinea.

Copyright: Lynn O'Rourke Hayes 


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