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Many grandparents will hit the road with grandchildren this summer. If you’re thinking of a similar trip, here are five ideas to consider: 1. Choosing a destination. Would the kids like to see the Golden Gate Bridge or to send selfies with the Statue of Liberty as backdrop? Maybe a…
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Cruising offers great family travel options. It is a wonderful way to spend time with the extended clan because there is something to do for loved ones of all ages and energy levels.  Here are a few updates on options available in the near future.
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Traveling with multiple families can add up to loads of holiday fun. Proper planning for family trips can go along way toward keeping friendships and expectations intact. Here are six tips to consider: Choose wisely. Give careful consideration to the families and friends with whom you choose to share your…
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  The simple pleasures of family life can be found at lakeside retreats. Here are five places to enjoy gentle breezes and a book on the porch: 1.Lake Powell. Page, AZ. Spectacular red-hued rock formations rise from water’s edge. Sunny days fade into star-filled nights on this vast blue lake…
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Are you among the nearly 21 million people who took a multigenerational trip in the last year? Here are five reasons why gathering the clan matters and how you can make it happen sooner rather than later: 1 Today’s families are spread far and wide. That means more effort is…

Are you among the nearly 21 million people who took a multigenerational trip in the last year?

Here are five reasons why gathering the clan matters and how you can make it happen sooner rather than later:

1 Today’s families are spread far and wide. That means more effort is required to maintain and nurture family bonds. Spending relaxed, quality time with your extended family enables the generations to gain important insights into family history. Traveling off-season can provide savings.

During the summer, consider a family friendly beach resort in the Caribbean where everyone can meet on the sand or by the pool for stories and water sports.


2 Sharing resources has rewards. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents have the opportunity to bond with the next generation while giving weary parents a break and a chance to rekindle their relationship.

More hotel companies are reaching out to families of all compositions to help them plan a meaningful holiday. Preferred Hotels recently launched a website to help families find the right destination and activities.

Contact: 1-866-990-9491;

3 The natural cure. Plan a multigenerational trip around camping, hiking, or fishing. Unplug from technology and tune in to the sounds of nature. Encourage the experienced to share outdoor skills that will serve youngsters for a lifetime. Any of nearly 400 national parks would serve as a grand classroom.


4 Active children can be great motivators for aging relatives. Plan a vacation that enables young people to help their less agile relatives get moving.

Many adventure-travel companies specialize in making sure every member of the family receives the right dose of adrenaline from the day’s activity.

Contact: 1-800-575-1540;

5 Show appreciation. Did a member of your family serve in the military or provide some kind of public service? Honor their commitment by making a family visit to a memorial, battlefield, museum or other historical site that might encourage the sharing of his or her individual experience.

Exploring our nation’s capital together will provide an interesting context for any personal stories that might unfold.

Contact: 202-789-7000;

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Family ranch vacations blend outdoor fun with unplugged relaxation. Round up your clan and consider these destinations for a plum western good time: 1. Ranch at Rock Creek, Philipsburg, Mont. Spend the night in a Trapper Tent, a half-cabin, half-luxury canvas tent, nestled within 6,000 acres of rugged Montana wilderness.…
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  Gather the extended family and share a travel experience. Here are five ideas that will appeal to multiple generations: 1.       The Family Cruise.  Choosing to sail as an extended family is a great way to see the world together without decimating the family budget. Whether your idea of a…
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Multigenerational travel is one of the hottest trends in travel, according to research reported by Preferred Hotel Group (PHG). The study found that scores of multigenerational travelers were embarking on ‘milestone vacations’. Important travel -inducing life events include birthdays (50 per cent), anniversaries (40 per cent), family reunions (39 per…
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  Early rising toddlers, night owl teens and privacy for grandparents are just a few of the special considerations that go into planning family travel. If you are looking for extra amenities and a little elbow room, here are five options to consider: Portico. A division of luxury destination club…
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Intergenerational travel is on the rise. Busy family schedules and geographic distance sometimes prevent regular gatherings. Thus, “grand travel”, as one aspect of this growing trend is known, provides an opportunity for two generations to get to know each, and the world, a little better. By spending time away, with…
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