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Cruising offers great family travel options. It is a wonderful way to spend time with the extended clan because there is something to do for loved ones of all ages and energy levels.  Here are a few updates on options available in the near future.
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Thinking about an Alaska cruise?  Great idea! And when you’re browsing through your options, consider thinking small – as in small ship, that is. This summer, my teen daughter and I cruised through the Inside Passage on Fantasy Cruise’s Island Spirit, an owner-operated, environmentally friendly vessel with room for 32…
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Considering a family cruise? Here are ten tips to consider: 1) Know your cruise specialist: According to a report from the Cruise Lines International Association, 68 percent of cruise vacations are booked through travel agents. When researching a travel agent to book your cruise , make sure they are knowledgeable about…
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  Gather the extended family and share a travel experience. Here are five ideas that will appeal to multiple generations: 1.       The Family Cruise.  Choosing to sail as an extended family is a great way to see the world together without decimating the family budget. Whether your idea of a…
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  Book a packaged trip. Families can save on travel by choosing a travel package that combines rooms, flights and even car rentals. Taking advantage of negotiated and bundled rates can make a trip to your chosen destination more affordable and simpler to book. Contact:;;  Take a…
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Think a cruise vacation might be on your family travel horizon? Your timing is good.    Consumers can thank industry group Cruise Lines International Association, who pulled their hefty memberhship group together to offer great options. Find deals at
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Intergenerational travel is on the rise. Busy family schedules and geographic distance sometimes prevent regular gatherings. Thus, “grand travel”, as one aspect of this growing trend is known, provides an opportunity for two generations to get to know each, and the world, a little better. By spending time away, with…
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Click here to find out why cruising with your college roommate makes all the sense in the world.
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 I had the good fortune to join the inaugural sailing of the Carnival Magic, a vessel spawned by industry giant Carnival Cruise Lines. Venice.............. Yes, that mesmerizing Italian city was the launching point for the freshly-minted, 3,690 passenger Carnival Magic. And, no surprise, there was plenty of magic from the start. The…
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What a great time we had aboard the Carnival Magic Inaugural Sailing from Venice to Barcelona. An interesting new ship and a fantastic itinerary; a great option for family travelers of all ages. More details to follow!
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