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So often as parents we provide opportunities that aren’t valued until long after our children have left the nest. That’s why I was especially pleased to hear my teenaged daughter’s inspirational speech about voluntourism to her high school class. Not only was a volunteer vacation a life-changing experience for our…
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  Get close to creatures of the sea for a wild family adventure. Here are five ideas to consider: 1.Swim With Whale Sharks. Swimming with the largest fish in the sea is a thrill worth seeking. Whale sharks are massive, reaching lengths of 40 feet and 15 tons. Despite their…
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   Magic rises after the sun sets amidst a ruggedly mountainous isle. Wading out in the subtropical western precincts of the Pacific basin, Taiwan has readied itself for yet another incarnation of the Chinese New Year. Marked by many millenia since the reign of the legendary Yellow Emperor, each new…
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     1. Just do it! In addition to expanding your child’s awareness through travel, exotic family vacations inevitably strengthen family ties and create dinner conversations to last a lifetime. 2. Visit schools or sports events: Nothing helps a child understand a destination better than meeting their peers. I love to arrange…
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Visit an eco lodge where adventure is encouraged, eco-friendly practices are in place and community support is essential. Here are six to consider: Patagonia Wildlife Safari - Visit southern Chile to experience a thrilling combo of wildlife and scenery in one of the most isolated regions of South America. Check… This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;;

ft shakti himalayaU Shakti 360¢ª Leti . Himalayas, India. Unplug and soak in the stunning views from your cabin in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. A strong commitment to the local community includes employment of local guides, chefs and porters as well a determination to use traditional building techniques. The company has introduced solar heating and lighting, water reuse programs and created a foundation to foster local renewable energy, education and cultural projects in the community. Hike to your heart’s content and learn about the culture of this spectacular mountainous region. Contact: 1 (866 )401-3705;

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Considerable education takes place beyond the classroom walls. Here are five places you and your family can learn through experience: 1.China Kung Fu Adventure. Explore the cultural wealth of China with your clan during this 14- day journey. Learn the art of Kung Fu from a student monk, cook with… -->
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  Irene Lane, founder of Greenloons, offers her picks for ten compelling eco destinations:   1.  Jordan’s eco-lodges combine local heritage and educational experiences while exploring a mix of modernity, ancient wonders and nature. Think horse or camel safaris, Bedouins, the endangered Arabia oryx, Petra, the Dead Sea and trekking through…
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Try a Vacation "Made in Taiwan" – Ten Family Things To Do  ( Plus Three Insider Tips!)  Taiwan is a small island with large vacation potential for families that want culture and nature with all the modern comforts. Kids can be exposed to the Japanese and Chinese influences as well…
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Famous as a premier destination for underwater thrills, Palau, an archipelago of more than 586 islands, recently opened the Palau Eco Theme Park, a new brand of adventure for this Micronesian paradise. The theme park features a monorail and Palau’s only zip-line course, enabling a trip through the treetops. Eun Song Cho,…
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Not long ago, I joined a small group of writers and photographers traveling through China. One morning, we unexpectedly came upon a festival in a small town south of Beijing. I was mesmerized by the bright colors, the music and the enthusiasm of the local crowd. I took dozens of…
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