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Staycations: One Tank Trips in the Southeastern U.S.

By  Dale Cooper

Iftkidsinacarhome 9-13-2010 3-51-27 pmf you drive along Interstate 95, which originates in Maine and winds along the East Coast into Florida, you’ll glimpse beautiful stretches of country and find lots to do with the family. Those who live along the southern portion of this highway are lucky to be near some excellent one-tank trips and staycation destinations.

A “staycation” is a great way to take a vacation while staying close to home, which can help you save on travel costs. Sometimes a few days away are just what you and your family need to recharge. And, with so much to do in the Southeastern U.S., you’re sure to find something that interests everyone.


A favorite vacation spot for many families is a clean, relaxing beach that gets plenty of sun. Fortunately, the Southeast is home to dozens of beach spots including the quintessential Southeastern family vacation destination: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This stretch of surf, located not far from the North Carolina border, attracts thousands of road tripping families every summer. Other road trip friendly beaches along the Atlantic coast include Atlantic Beach, in North Carolina, and Tybee Beach, near Savannah, Georgia. 

State and national parks

If your family is outdoorsy, you’ll find plenty to see and do in one of the many national and state parks located in the Southeastern U.S. For the die-hard hikers and campers, a portion of the Appalachian Trail winds through the western part of North Carolina and northern Georgia. This legendary series of hiking trails follows the Appalachian Mountains from Georgia to northern Maine. Visit for more information on hiking and camping in the Southeastern U.S.’s national parks. 

Sunny Florida

Florida is one of the most diverse states in the Southeastern U.S. You’ll find pristine South Beach in Miami, Disney World and other theme parks in Orlando, vast state parks throughout Florida, and the beautiful Florida Keys just south of the peninsula. The Keys are a relaxing place to spend a few days, and a great spot for snorkeling, boating, fishing and camping. Whatever your family’s interests, Florida has something to offer. 

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a relaxing vacation, especially if you live in the Southeastern U.S. A short road trip can cost much less than a cross-country flight, but make sure you’re not spending the money you saved on overly expensive car insurance. Reading a few car insurance reviews online can help you find full coverage auto insurance at a reasonable price, saving you money you’ll want for your next excursion through the Southeastern U.S.

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