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Animal Life On The Road - Galapagos

By  Lisa TE Sonne


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If your family enjoys looking at animals with fur, feathers, fins, or other fantastic features, check here for photos and facts that could inspire unforgettable family trips.
The Galapagos Giant Tortoise is the largest tortoise on the planet. Some measure almost six feet from end to end and weigh up to 700 pounds. They can live to be 100 to 150 years old in the wild, but have been known to live longer in captivity.   They are reptiles -- air breathing, cold-blooded creatures that lay eggs. Giant Tortoises enjoy eating grasses, shrubs, and leaves, and they move rather slowly.

The Giant Tortoises have adapted to different climates of the Galapagos Islands. The tortoises in the wetter highlands may have bigger shells (also called carapaces) and shorter necks. Ones with more saddle-like carapaces and longer necks live in drier parts of the islands.

WHERE: The Galapagos Islands poke up their diverse dollops of life way out in the Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles from the South American country of Ecuador. The Islands were named hundreds of years ago after the Giant Tortoises that some Spaniards referred to then as

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