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About Beijing, China

By  Lynn O'Rourke Hayes   


Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China and is the nation's center of government, economy, culture, and international activities. It has 18 districts and counties, with an area of 16,800 square kilometers and a population of 11 million. Beijing meaning Northern Capital is a place of both ancient history and dazzling modernity.

The city itself is traversed by freeways and hundreds of flyovers. High-rises adorn the lengths of this city making it a vivid metropolis within China. Beijing, however, is a city of bewildering juxtapositions. Despite the urban construction that makes it a modern metropolis, Beijing has a long history.

It's history starts as early as 500 000 years ago, when the Peking Man lived there. It is an ancient cultural city that served for more than 800 years as the capital of the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. Beijing is nowadays known for its many special places of interest.

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